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Performer's Perspective - Sheldon Kreger's Blog

Over the last few weeks, I've been forced to face the fact that I have hit a plateau in a specialized skill I have been developing for many years. The single stroke roll is the most simple way to play a drum - just alternate hits between the right and left hand, one hit at a time. Aside from the practical application on the drum set, drummers today have pushed this drill into an extreme sport. Some drummers are playing more than 1100 strokes in 60 seconds, with the world record sitting just above 1200 strokes.

I've been playing for about 8 years, at this point in time. I made a decision to practice the single stroke roll diligently for the last four months, with the aim of pushing my limit speed ever higher. However, despite the daily practice, I've been stuck in the same speed range as when I started this phase of training about 4 months ago.

Now, I'm not as fast as the top athletes, but my speed is pretty decent. Currently, I'm stuck at about 700 strokes per minute... Continue Reading

Lyrics from a song on the progressive rock masterpiece "The Didact" by Means End.

Sun Wukong

Where I come from is a place
of simple creatures, of no consequence.
For as long as I can remember
I've been obsessed with achieving greatness but to what end?
The notion seemed so deep,
brooding disdain all along in me.
That a greater purpose
lay hidden from view.

Searching in vain,
to leave this domain.

Though there have been many
whom I could call friend,
roads steep and laced with pain
have forced every one I've ever known
to fall behind.
They lied down to rest,
while I... Continue Reading

Working Toward a Common Goal

I'm not sure if this is true for all areas of specialization, but personally, I experience a sensation of separation from people outside my areas of expertise. Let me explain.

Due to the requirements of consistent practice, performers face unusual time restrictions. Everybody faces time restrictions, but what makes these different is that the time restrictions of a performer are self-imposed. Many people become busy in bustle of life. The performer, on the other hand, manages life as to facilitate development in one or more areas of expertise.

Individuals in advanced stages of skill development have dedicated not only a large portion of their time, but a large portion of their mental bandwidth to mastery of the skill. This places restrictions within the very consciousness of the performer. Again, these are self-imposed limitations, which are understood to be necessary in order to facilitate the development of expertise.

In... Continue Reading