Expression of Joy vs Pursuit of Happiness

There is a reason I pay attention to Eastern philosophers and "gurus" - it's because they deliver insights which trigger deep self-introspection and reflection. I'm always shocked at the theoretical simplicity of what these thinkers bring to the floor, but the practical implementation of these concepts is often difficult in our Western society. Regardless, their wisdom is impossible to ignore, and brings a great deal of joy to my life. As an obsessed nerd, I also love to compare and contrast the thinking of Eastern and Western theorists.

I've attached a video (below) in which Sadhguru explains the difference between the expression of joy and the pursuit of happiness. Briefly, the idea that happiness is something that lies in the future, if only I can accomplish this or that, thwarts our ability to express joy in the present. Now, like Lacan, Sadhguru realizes the inevitability of our desire to expand (jouissance). Although we will always have another accomplishment to pursue, both Sadhguru and Lacan warn us against basing our entire identities on these never ending problems. Our minds require infinite desire, and we must not only recognize this fact, but actively embrace it. Only once life becomes an expression of joy do we truly begin to live. As Lacan would say, it is only after we "traverse the fantasy" that we become true subjects.

Key Points

Our unsuccessful pursuit of happiness is threatening the very life of the planet.

There is a difference between seeking happiness and expressing your happiness.

Human intelligence can only be harnessed after the after a person shifts from the pursuit of happiness to an expression of joy.

Whatever you are, you are always longing for more. It's not because you are unhappy. If you are happy, it is all the more so.

How much expansion do you really want? There is no limit. You seek the infinite.

Survival is not adequate in human life. We seek more.

What instruments to you have to seek the infinite? Only sensory tools.

Beliefs have not created satisfaction or happiness.

Embracing "I do not know" creates the possibility for development.

Our aliveness need not decrease with age. If it does, we are committing suicide in installments.

Your ability to do things in the world is enhanced when you are happy.

You do not go far because you want to. You go far because you have made yourself capable.

If you are able to function at your full potential, you are very fortunate because you will be peaceful.


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