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How the Site is Structured

Along the left-hand navigation menu, you will see a series of authors. These theorists were highly influential pioneers in developmental psychology. Each page contains an introduction to their theories, and resources to expand your understanding.

The homepage features a feed of Sheldon Kreger's blog (see below). His blog represents his thoughts and opinions of the tools, techniques, strategies, and life experiences he gains as he grows older. There are also interviews and case studies featuring the outstanding individuals Sheldon has been lucky enough to study with.

About Sheldon

Sheldon is the founder and developer of He discovered his passion for psychoanalysis as an intercollegiate debater at Idaho State University, where he argued that societal problems are rooted in individual awareness. At Maharishi University of Management, Sheldon studied extensively with Dr. Fred Travis, a leading researcher in developmental psychology, Transcendental Meditation, and higher states of consciousness.

"I really feel as though global catastrophe is inevitable absent a shift in collective awareness. It is no longer adequate to address environmental, political, social, and economic issues one-by-one. It is the ideological constructs which create conflict and misery, along with environmental and economic imbalance. These negative forces, unfortunately, are self-perpetuating and recursive.

"Through my years as a high school debater, I was forced to realize that the variety of opinions which seek to solve such problems are simultaneously contradictory and convincing. As an intercollegiate debater, I was encouraged to explore the foundational assumptions which supported these problems. Eventually, I came to realize that it was our collective beliefs which were to blame. At the same time, I came to realize that the simple presentation of facts and information is not enough to change people's behavior."

"The individual must be changed as to illicit a more appropriate response to both personal and societal problems. As the personality develops, the individual becomes more capable of resolving the problems they face - that is, the only problems that they have the ability to solve. What we need is a widespread shift in individual awareness because it will be accompanied with problem resolution at all levels - environmental, social, political, and economic."

" is a project which encourages widespread shift in individual and collective consciousness."