Transcendental Meditation and College Students: Improved Performance During Finals Week

Transcendental Meditation is the most thoroughly studied meditation practice in the entire world. With more than 500 peer reviewed, published scientific studies, the profound affects of meditation are impossible to ignore.

Just ask Dr. Fred Travis - a college professor and TM researcher at Maharishi University of Management. Dr. Travis and a team of experts recently published a study (1) on the profound impacts TM has on college students. Within only two and a half months of learning the technique, college students were re-analyzed during finals week. The results are quite profound.

To sum up briefly:

  • Reduced neurophysiological response to stress
  • Increased capacity to stay awake.
  • Fundamental changes in the way the brain functions: Increased coherence within the prefrontal cortex and across the entire brain as a whole.
  • Increased neurological responsiveness of appropriate neural networks to external stimulus.
  • Regular practice of Transcendental Meditation should be a priority for students of all ages, as well as for adults who seek to improve their intellectual, psychological, and emotional capacities.

    1. Travis, F., Haaga, D.H., Hagelin, J., Tanner, M., Nidich, S., Gaylord-King, C., Grosswald, S., Rainforth, M., & Schneider, R. (2009). Effects of Transcendental Meditation Practice on Brain Functioning and Stress Reactivity in College Students. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 71, 170-176.

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