Daniel Goleman on Focus

In recent years, technologies have created an endless stream of distractions which can prevent us from accomplishing our goals. Daniel Goleman has written a book on the topic, called Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence. This book is an in-depth discussion on the implications of the loss of undistracted attention which is happening to us today.

Goleman recently published a video as an introduction to this topic. IQSquared is a great channel for lectures on many fascinating topics, including personality development.

Personally, I believe that the bombardment on focus is a natural extension of a powerful tentacle of modern capitalism. Large corporations profit most by injecting advertisements onto our screens, and selling us the devices to serve the advertisements on. It is truly remarkable how mobile devices and the internet - which, as a team, give us access to practically endless knowledge - are primarily used by the general population as a means of distraction. Games, shopping, gossip, propaganda . . . these mechanisms are used by the upper class to redistribute wealth and dumb down the general population. Now, this process is seamless and continuous.

Even when used as a tool - for communication and distribution of information - mobile devices and web browsers on computers need to be utilized with awareness of the potential for distraction.

You may purchase Goleman's book on Amazon. Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

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