"Love of Craft" - A Quote from Terry Bozzio

Terry Bozzio plays the world's largest drum set, but it seems small in comparison to his great accomplishments with musicians around the world.

Here's a quote from his Facebook page, which inspired me in a very deep way tonight:

"When I'm absolutely exhausted, covered in black grease & dust, on my trick knees with my back aching, sweat dripping on my old poor eyes & blurring the lenses of my cheap reading glasses that keep slipping off & I can't see to find that one little part that fell & is hiding under the pedals, when I can't figure out how to mount that piece of hardware in there to do that thing I want, without hitting that other thing, & we're late and I know I can't finish & will probably lose my place in what I'm trying to accomplish, and my poor patient supportive wife is waiting for me so we can finally leave, & my fingers hurt & are so tired from twisting wing nuts that i worry if I'll be able to play well, & I know that that one guy in the audience is just going to see this big assembly of junk and think "Terry Bozzio is just a circus act with the biggest most stupid drum set that nobody could ever use" & I feel like that ostinato I have been practicing for 3 years now & I STILL can't pull it off & it's never gonna happen…THAT'S when I have to think about the LOVE OF CRAFT that drives me to want to do this. When I see these pictures of the end result & remember the good night I had playing, for the people who want to hear it, for that one brief moment of personal satisfaction, I realize that THAT is what I am doing it for & I try to live for one more day & ask God for the possibility of getting the honor & privilege of doing it again."

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