Means End: Sun Wukong

Lyrics from a song on the progressive rock masterpiece "The Didact" by Means End.

Sun Wukong

Where I come from is a place
of simple creatures, of no consequence.
For as long as I can remember
I've been obsessed with achieving greatness but to what end?
The notion seemed so deep,
brooding disdain all along in me.
That a greater purpose
lay hidden from view.

Searching in vain,
to leave this domain.

Though there have been many
whom I could call friend,
roads steep and laced with pain
have forced every one I've ever known
to fall behind.
They lied down to rest,
while I carried on forward.

But I felt no satisfaction,
even though I am the
great sage equal of heaven.

Searching in vain,
to leave this domain.

I was told that the truth is:
“Only those who risk going too far
can find out how far one can go.”
Now I've crossed the earth;
I've reached the end,
and offered my soul.

What can one do to savor life
when everything is rushing so fast.
All alone, slave of time,
I know there is no turning back.

The purple dusk reveals a new road
reaching out to the stars.

To End is to Begin anew.
The colors have changed to a darker hue.
I have now finally awakened to,

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