Sadhguru Quotes: Highlights from Sadhguru's Interview with Bloomberg UTV

In a recent interview, Sadhguru of the Isha Foundation responds to a series of questions regarding the way the individual must relate to the changes in our economies today. The theme Sadhguru portrays is that the individual must grow to understand the workings of their own bodies and minds. On a fundamental level, our economy is a tool which ought to be used to create happiness in people's lives. But, since our economic system is designed around the false ideology of endless consumption - rather than being oriented around distributing goods to meet the needs of humanity - our economy is facing inevitable modification. An understanding that of the inner workings of the human body is prerequisite to creating an economic system which is effective in meeting the needs of the people of our planet. Only by reflecting this intelligence onto the outside world can we hope to revolutionize our economy and avoid continued catastrophe.

Here are some Sadhguru quotes from the interview:

"There is not a more sophisticated technology than the human body. You did not have to invent anything if you understand and replicate the human body - and that's what you're doing, anyway."

"All that a human being is doing is a pursuit of his happiness and well being. If that is not being achieved, then it is time to look and see if what you are doing is working or not. If you start doing something and it's not working, and you continue to do that, it's senseless. Has this crisis come to us because of the market economy? Has it come to us because the economy is doing well or not? No. Essentially, because you do not know how to use this machinery of the human body, you have not paid attention - it is too sophisticated. If you want to learn to operate your smart phone, you spend half a day with the manual and see how it works. When you are given a sophisticated machine, you are supposed to spend a certain amount of time to see how it works. . . . You are given a supercomputer and you are trying to operate it like a blacksmith. If you operate this machine well, you will see that being joyful can be accomplished from the inside."

"If you are totally blissed out, you will only do what is needed. You will not be driven to do something. You will do only what is truly needed - either for yourself, or for the people around you. But, right now we are doing something in pursuit of our own happiness. It does not matter how many things you do - it is always one step ahead of you. So, economy is actually a pursuit of human happiness - it's just pushing in the wrong direction. When all human experience is caused from inside, your trying to do it outside, in the stock market or something else - it's not going to work like that. If a person is happy, absolutely blissful, he will look at life and do what he is best to do. Any human being is active to his maximum capacity only when he is very pleasant within himself. If you're feeling depressed, you can't get going. When you are joyful, you can jump on anything."

"We have taken a lot of time to engineer the world. . . If we engineer this way any more, there will be no planet left. With this kind of engineering, we have much comfort and convenience. But, no well being has come. If you want to know well being, blissful ways of being, you have to engineer your body the way you want it. The body is a very complex machine. It needs a certain amount of attention which has not been paid. Not because we are too busy, but because we are preoccupied. . . People are not busy doing what they love to do."

Finally, the video:

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